Cyber Security & Information Assurance (CSIA)

Threats to government and private computer systems, networks, and critical applications are real.

Ellumen offers services and solutions to meet critical security and privacy needs.

The President’s 2010 budget allots $355M to increase resilience and security of private and public sector cyber infrastructure. The government’s Federal Networking and IT research identifies a number of broad areas of concern to include Internet and network security; confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information and computer-based systems; new approaches to achieving hardware and software security; testing and assessment of computer-based systems security; and reconstitution and recovery of computer-based systems and data.

Ellumen’s Cyber security team includes experienced leadership with extensive Federal agency IT security backgrounds combined with years of hands-on hardware and software experience including the design, implementation, and operation of the technology solutions which meet the highest security standards.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Security policy and planning
  • Security architecture and design
  • Platform, network and application security solutions
  • Continuity of Operations Planning, design, and implementation
  • Database security design
  • Encryption technologies
  • Federal information systems certification and accreditation (C&A) process/DIACAP.
  • Certification and accreditation process planning, documentation, testing and remediation
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