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Often medical images and metadata are transferred over networks where encryption is completely absent and medical facilities are continuously threatened by data breaches and malicious eavesdropping tactics. Ellumen has developed C_cureIT™, a cost-effective solution that addresses the lack of suitable existing encryption in Radiology departments while maintaining clinical workflows.


C_cureIT™ is a small, external encryption device that can be attached to each node in a network with simple installation, and minimal time and effort. Once C_cureIT™ is added to the Ethernet connections, the data flow between Radiology devices, network routers, DICOM printers, technician workstations, etc. are encrypted and protected against eavesdropping tactics and threats both inside and outside the network. Additionally, C_cureIT™ is scalable across any network and the encryption that the device provides is compliant with required standards. Departments of any size can secure their Radiology and other imaging devices at a low cost, rather than having to upgrade each machine separately to meet changing security requirements.

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