Integration & DevOps

Proven Processes Drive Quality Results

Our integrated software development methods employ a total systems engineering approach that accounts for IT architecture, hardware, operating system, network security and any other possible constraints. We start any software building effort with the architecture and deliver an end product that fits both the actual work-flow and processes in which it’s used every day in real life situations. We fully integrate engineering support functions such as configuration management and testing into our software development process from the outset of any project. 

Our clients benefit from an approach that shows early results and involves users along each step of development.

Our work is backed by these proven methodologies and repeatable processes:

  • CMM/CMMI Processes (Level 3)

  • Quality management peer design and code reviews

  • Iterative build cycles

  • Prototyping

  • Structured designs/ models and standards (UML)

  • User feedback loops