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Big Business vs. Small Business: 5 Ways Small Businesses Get Results

Written by Mary Vogel

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One of the questions I often see directed towards small businesses on new solicitations is: “How do you intend to staff for this project?”

 Answer: We staff exactly the same way that the big guys do it.

I find it odd that small businesses must answer this type of inquiry because nothing separates many of us from big businesses other than perception. We are capable of the same innovation, and use the same processes and industry standards that make some big businesses effective. I say "some" big businesses as all of us have seen the seed sown on shallow ground kind of large business, whose processes and leadership did not grow as fast as the business did.

However, here at Ellumen, we ARE more flexible and in some ways, we offer advantages that some bigger entities cannot. 

We frown on the practice of preassigning characteristics to people without full understanding of the complete picture. It’s equally as harmful to stereotype companies. 

Assuming all small businesses can't achieve the same results as some big businesses hurts the consumer just as much as it hurts small businesses because it leaves them blind to the benefits that mature small companies can offer.

The infographic below represents a few examples of how Ellumen, as a small business, gets results.

Ellumen Small vs. Big Business Infographic.gif


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Mary Vogel

Written by Mary Vogel

Mary Vogel offers Ellumen’s clients and partners steadfast leadership for achieving innovative, beneficial, and enduring results. Mary’s undisputed talent for helping clients and communities, from all walks of life, quickly focus on what matters most is informed by decades of insights gained while guiding DoD and VA healthcare organizations to achieve greater outcomes. Mary’s characteristic fusion of business savvy and creativity brings to bear Ellumen’s full array of credentialed telemedicine experts and patented telecommunications solutions. Her unwavering commitment to rallying support for achieving greater outcomes has earned a sterling reputation with her colleagues, clients, and partners.

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