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Ellumen to Participate in the 2016 MATRC Telehealth Summit

Written by Mary Carroll

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Ellumen Inc. is proud to be participating in the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC) Telehealth Summit on April 10th – 12th! Stop by our booth to hear from our telehealth experts and checkout our video entry for the MATRC Rural Telehealth Engagement Video Contest about our partnership with Dr. Kerry Palankis of the Crisfield Clinic and our journey to telehealth success.


Ellumen Telehealth Success from Ellumen Inc on Vimeo.

Our work with the Crisfield and Smith Island communities has taught us that success in rural healthcare is a direction, not one single event. Delivering rural healthcare is multidimensional and means addressing the health of the entire community, not just connecting one clinic in one remote area. Ellumen is committed to delivering telemedicine to the Crisfield community. Every week we achieve another win that gets us closer to the ultimate goal of solving the rural healthcare dilemma (in the broadest sense of the word health) for this community.  Our hope is that Crisfield will be the model for championing rural healthcare in other communities across the United States. This short video details the story of how Ellumen Inc. came to partner with Kerry Palakanis of the Crisfield Clinic through the help of MATRC, and what successes have been achieved thus far to deliver effective telemedicine to these underserved, rural, Maryland communities.

Want to learn more about the Ellumen technologies that are making telehealth a reality?

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Mary Carroll

Written by Mary Carroll

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