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Ellumen Inc. Awarded Three New Patents

Written by Mary Carroll

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Ellumen Inc. Innovates Technology to Improve the Capabilities of Healthcare Professionals

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Since 2009, Ellumen’s independent research and development (IR&D) branch, Celadon Inc., has been conducting basic and applied research to innovate healthcare technology. Ellumen’s goal is to accelerate the development and commercialization of advanced technologies to enhance the lives of current and future customers. Over the summer of 2016, Ellumen Inc. added three new patents to its current portfolio which includes a broad range of new technologies in telecommunication and medical diagnostics for improving patient health. The innovation in these patents promotes healthy, resilient communities and provides advanced tools to healthcare professionals. Although the technology involved in each of these three patents is unique, they all stand to transform health care delivery and community health in different, but equally beneficial ways:

In September 2016 Ellumen was recognized in Telehealth Magazine for growing efforts aimed to bring better internet connectivity to the rural community in Smith Island, MD. These three patents strengthen Ellumen’s ongoing efforts to pioneer and transform health care delivery and community health through a combination of innovative solutions. Rooted in medical imaging, telecommunication, and telemedicine, Ellumen has carved out a foothold in the healthcare technology landscape that only stands to grow in 2017.  In addition to each of these new patents, Chief Scientist and CEO William McCollough has new products slated to be released in the upcoming year that will improve communication and the tools available to the medical community for both rural and urban areas. McCollough states, “Our company was founded upon ground-breaking innovations and these patent awards typify this philosophy. The extraordinary talent in Ellumen’s dedicated research team means even more advancements in the near future.” More information about Ellumen’s newest technology and the IR&D team can be found here.


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Mary Carroll

Written by Mary Carroll

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