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Ellumen’s Microwave Imaging Research Published by IEEE

Written by Paul Eley

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Ellumen’s Breakthrough Research Supports Rapid 2-D and 3-D Scans

Ellumen’s science team's microwave imaging research, titled "A Phase Confocal Method for Near-Field Microwave Imaging" was published in the esteemed IEEE organization's "IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques" Vol PP Issue 99 on January 2, 2017.  Ellumen’s research was validated after a rigorous jury review and is now available to the greater community, for reuse, via the IEEE website.

Ellumen's microwave imaging research may advance cancer diagnosis methodsEllumen’s 2-D and 3-D Microwave Imaging Research Paves the Way for More Innovation

Ellumen's microwave imaging research offers a non-destructive imaging method with applications for detecting buried items, geological or architectural surveys, and biomedical examinations.

The academic, commercial, and military applications for Ellumen’s research seem endless. Archaeologists might use Ellumen’s research for surveying fragile tombs. Ellumen’s research might someday assist the military with reconnaissance mapping, for surveying underground facilities or bunkers in mountains. Architects or technology companies might also find Ellumen’s research useful for mapping the interiors of public buildings without needing to enter the premises. Within health care, Ellumen’s research may advance biomedical examination techniques, for accelerating cancer diagnosis.

Ellumen Invented a Twin-Antenna System and Custom Software for Proving Theories

Ellumen’s fundamental science investigations haven’t just advanced scientific community pursuits.  The science team has also demonstrated Ellumen's comprehensive innovation process, encompassing Ellumen’s concept, design, and fabrication capabilities within Ellumen’s Celadon® laboratory and fabrication facilities. For proving their hypotheses, Ellumen’s team developed a fully-automated microwave detection system containing a twin-antenna system whose movement can be controlled to form a synthetic aperture. Experiments were fully controlled by Ellumen’s self-developed software supporting remote operations. Although only 2-D imaging tests are discussed in Ellumen’s research, the algorithm and the measurement system are able to fulfill 3-D rapid microwave scans. Full details of the team’s research, including photos of their prototype twin-antenna system, are included in the IEEE publication.

Ellumen is Fostering Scientific Research and Innovation for Next-Generation Health Care Solutions

“This achievement is a great demonstration of Ellumen's inspired culture of innovation and commitment to delivering results,” William McCollough, Founder, Chief Scientist and Principal at Ellumen Inc. stated. “While some rightly use 'innovation' as shorthand for thinking differently, Ellumen's investments in innovation are on par with many great academic research organizations. Our teams are advancing science and delivering commercial solutions for transforming health care.”


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Written by Paul Eley

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