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Ellumen’s Novel Antenna Design Recognized and Published by PIER C

Written by Mary Carroll

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Ellumen’s New UWB Unidirectional Antenna Revolutionizes Medical Imaging and Ground-Penetrating Radar Capabilities

Ellumen’s Science Team is excited to announce its novel antenna design has been recognized by the Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER) C and published via their online publication. Authored by Ellumen senior scientist Arezou Edalati, the paper entitled “A Novel Cavity Backed Monopole Antenna with ultra-wideband (UWB) Unidirectional Radiation” details an innovative antenna capable of unidirectional radiation with high gain over the wide frequency bandwidth. This technology supports high data rate communication systems, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and biomedical microwave imaging. The applications for the described antenna design spans academic, commercial, and military arenas as it could be used in military radar systems to detect of enemy fighters, biomedical microwave imaging for the early detection of cancer without causing any harm to the body, or through-wall imaging for detecting buried objects in geological architectural surveys. This antenna was designed, built, and tested in Ellumen’s Celadon® laboratory and fabrication facilities and is the intellectual property of Ellumen Inc. Ellumen is contributing to the scientific community by making its research and UWB antenna design accessible, with proper permissions and licensing obtainable through the PIER C website.

Ellumen’s Novel Antenna Design Recognized and Published by PIER C

Ellumen’s Ground-breaking Antenna Technology Offers Unmatched Advantages

Historically, UWB systems have attracted attention in the engineering community for many reasons such as providing high data rate, low power consumption, and low cost of the radio frequency (RF) system front-end. UWB antennas with an omnidirectional radiation pattern are widely used in wireless communication systems for high data rate point-to-point communications, as well as imaging and radar applications. In general, a unidirectional radiation pattern is preferable so undesirable dissipation of power is minimized. However, until now there were major drawbacks of unidirectional UWB antennas; cumbersome and complicated designs made them difficult to integrate with other technology platforms for transmission of short pulses as required in imaging and GPR applications. Ellumen’s original technology offers an alternative to other commonly used antenna variations and delivers considerable advantages:

  • Compact design. The compact design of this unidirectional UWB antenna makes overall use and integration in UWB systems easier.
  • Ultra-Wide frequency range. The UWB frequency range allows for sending and receiving very short pulses which are required for accurate detection of targets in radar applications, imaging of small cancerous tissues in biomedical imaging, as well as high data rate communications.
  • Easy Integration. Compared to cylindrical or parabolic reflectors, the rectangular, metallic reflector in this design is more easily integrated with other technology platforms because of its flat structure. Additionally, using metallic walls on both sides of the omnidirectional antenna (radiating source) makes the directive antenna suitable for array configurations as it reduces coupling between array elements.
  • Simple Fabrication. As the radiating source is a planar and single-sided monopole antenna, the antenna can be fabricated using the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology. Unlike designs using a dipole antenna as radiating source, the simplified monopole design eliminates the need for a balun feed.

The Celadon Team Specializes in Design, Customization, Building, Fabrication, and Mass Production of Special Antennas for Commercial, Academic, and Military Applications
Ellumen’s scientific research and development advancements have furthered antenna evolution and extended their use in the engineering community. Ellumen’s Celadon laboratory and fabrication facilities have enabled their comprehensive innovation process with specialization in design, customization, building, fabrication, and mass production of special antennas for multiple applications in both the civilian and military arenas. Chief Scientist and CEO at Ellumen, William McCollough says, “Antennas are no longer just for picking up your favorite TV stations. From connecting rural communities, to detailed medical imaging, the value of this technology is immeasurable and our team is at the forefront of research in the field.”

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