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Former University of Maryland Medical Center Director Bolsters Ellumen’s Telehealth Efforts

Written by Mary Carroll

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Telehealth Expert John Kornak Joins Ellumen Team

Kornak_headshot_with_border.jpgEllumen Inc., a trusted provider of healthcare IT services and solutions, has added former University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) Director of Telehealth, John J. Kornak, to the Ellumen Team. Mr. Kornak is a well-known face within the telehealth and telemedicine community - serving as an advisory board member for The Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC), a member of The State of Maryland Clinical and Technical Telemedicine Task Force, and as a member of The American Telemedicine Association (ATA). Mr. Kornak will serve as Ellumen’s Client Solutions Technical Strategist, offering clients and partners the benefits of his 20+ years’ experience guiding clinicians and administrators on the delivery of modern healthcare solutions for innovating healthcare delivery.

Mr. Kornak’s addition to the Ellumen team advances the organization’s commitment to providing underserved communities with access to modern healthcare services. This strategic addition comes on the heels of Ellumen’s award-winning documentary, highlighting the challenges faced by Crisfield Clinic in rural Southern Maryland. Ellumen has partnered with Crisfield and Smith Island, MD for addressing the complex challenges associated with establishing telehealth and telemedicine services in a rural and underserved communities.

“This is a particularly exciting time - the need and willingness to adopt telehealth and telemedicine programs is growing, and it stands to progress substantially over the next few years,” William McCollough, Ellumen’s CEO and chief scientist stated. “Ellumen is passionate about innovating healthcare delivery for meeting community healthcare challenges. John brings experience, understanding, and lessons learned from many successful telehealth and telemedicine projects which have addressed community challenges in both rural and urban settings.”

As UMMC Director of Telehealth, Mr. Kornak fostered and led strategic planning, development, and implementation for as many as 20 telemedicine and telehealth programs which began as three-month pilots before achieving full maturation. One notable example includes a telemedicine initiative for Maryland Behavioral Health Integration in Pediatric Primary Care (BHIPP), a program which quickly grew from school-based to primary care and telemedicine for follow-up care. Mr. Kornak’s guidance, support, and expertise resulted in the expansion of psychiatry teleconsults and further increased technical deployments and training across the field.

“I strive to grow awareness of how telehealth and telemedicine solutions best fit into customer environments for alleviating or remediating the most pressing community health challenges,” Mr. Kornak said. “In doing just that, perhaps the greatest challenge is gaining access to the most urgent community health challenges faced by clinicians.”

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